I don’t understand my essay’s topic?

I have to write an academic essay on the arguments between people who are against screening and those who are in favor of it.

Why did Bob Dylan write protest songs?

I’m writing an expository essay on arts used for protest, and for an example i’m using Bob Dylan and his protest songs. Can anyone tell my if he intentionally meant to make these songs about protest, because the vibe i’m getting from briefly reading wikipedia was that it was an accident. If you know otherwise please say so and why he wrote them. Thanks a trillion million in advance(:

What did the wolfenden report 1960 re sport and the community achieve?

completing an essay on the wolfenden report and how you can measure its achievements in a modenre society any ideas

Please please please HELLPPPPPP quote question!?

can you explain this quote to me i have to do an essay that has to do with it but I have no clue what it means….”Adversity has the effect of elicity talents which in proseperous circumstances would have lain dormant.”-Horacepleasepleaseplease HELP

Give a essay on ‘Nutrition in plants’?

NUTRITION IN PLANTSThe substance that provide nourishment to living beings are called nutrients. Nutrients may be simple or complex organic molecules or mineral ions. Plants prepare simple sugars from carbondioxide and water and for conversion of sugar into complex organic molecules like starch, cellulose, proteins, fats, nucleic acids ,it requires inorganic molecules and ions. Nitrogen and sulphur taken up as inorganic forms are used in the making organicforms like aminoacids. Iron used for cytochromes, and many enzymes need metals as cofactors. Kingdom plantae are described as autotrophic or self nourishing. But some plants are heterotrophic. Cuscuta is a parasite drawing nourishment from the green host plants by sucking roots called haustoria. Insectivorous plants like Nepenthes, Sarracenia(Pitcher plants), Drosera(Sundew) and Utricularia(Bladder wort) are autotrophic and hetrotrophic(carnivorous)MACRO ELEMENTS (MACRONUTRIENTS)Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron.MICRO ELEMENTS (MICRONUTRIENTS)Manganese, zinc, boron, copper, molybdenum, chlorine.CRITICAL ELEMENTSNitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium(NPK) are most commonly deficient in the soil. Chemical fertilizers containing NPK are used to enrich soil fertility.Source:- [external link] …

How does advertising help agriculture and why is agriculture important?

I need answers for a speech. if you have any website links that’d be helpful as well. my essay is over agribusinesws advertising. also if you’d like to write my entire speech just email me.. i’d be really thankful. but i’d love ideas too!

What should I make my body paragraphs about?

I have to write an essay about Tiananmen Square and the difference between what the Chinese government said happened and what the rest of the world said. (2-4 body paragraphs)I was thinking I could split it into two body paragraphs such as 1) why the incident happened and 2) the different accounts from during the incident. I’m not sure if those work very well or if they’re too vague… any tips?

I need an essay topic for the book Speak?

i can’t think about what to write my 5paragraph essay on. please help? what about theme,?

I want a 90 in this class can someone help me figure this out?

Daily Grades 35.000 847 / 1040 81% B EOCT 15.000 0 / 0 % Tests, Major Essays 50.000 792 / 900 Final Grade= 85Can someone please tell me what grades i will have to continue to make in order to get a 90% in this class. I must get a 90 and I have 6 weeks left.

Looking for Youth Art, Photography, or writing contests!?

I am a looking for any legitimate contest to enter art work, pictures, and poems / personal essays. Please make sure the contests are designed for youth and not adults unless it is a contest excepting both. Also please no contests that require entry fees. Any suggestions I would be grateful for. Thank you