Should YouTube Ban Stunt Videos?

I'm writing an essay regarding whether or not YouTube should BAN Stunt videos.Protective parents say YouTube should be held accountable for many deaths, because kids watch stunt videos online and go try to do it themselves.My opinion: Youtube should not and cannot be held accountable for what adolescents choose to do after watching their videos, their parents and the adolescent themselves should.Please give a detailed answer on your own opinion,Thanks

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2 Responses to “Should YouTube Ban Stunt Videos?”

  1. phoners says:

    Your opinion is perfectly valid.

  2. exportations says:

    yes parents are held accountable for thier childrens bahavior. that is always true unless other gardians or caretakers are involved. the internet is so vast, and cannot always be monitored very thoroughly. youtube should have age-appropriate sights that lock-out underage users. of course even this is faulty. kids will just lie about thier age like always. the youtube company needs to come up with a way of getting proof of age on youtube when they sign-up and then restricting their access. no more relying on the child to put in their age. but thats probably not going to happen. billions of dollars speak louder than a thousand moms. tough.